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Kitchen Remodelling

Nowadays, the main meeting point in the home for many local families is the kitchen area. If you and your nearest and dearest love nothing more than to revert to the kitchen when dining, lounging and chatting after a long day at work, you should turn it into a sophisticated setting that’s fit for multi-purpose usage. Read More

Bathroom Remodelling

We expect any good bathroom to leave us feeling comfortable enough to unwind in its luxurious surroundings. In order for you to get that sensation when you make your way through the bathroom door the entire space needs to be sympathetically decorated and accessorised. Read More

Commercial Space Reimagined

Set your business apart from your competitors by having your premises remodelled by Trend Transformations Peterborough who will have it looking immensely professional. The work we do to rejuvenate your work space will immediately strike a chord with visiting guests. Read More

Eco-Friendly Construction

It doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to update your kitchen or bathroom via Trend Transformations Peterborough, we will do our utmost to employ eco-friendly production methods when creating the necessary makeover solutions. We’ll both be doing our bit for the environment. Read More