Kitchen transformations are our forte

You couldn’t wish to appoint a more experienced company than Trend Transformations Peterborough for remodelling your kitchen, nor a firm with so many potential makeover solutions. Whatever the intentions you have for your redesigned kitchen, everything is achievable via our highly eclectic product range.

If you need added motivation to improve your kitchen then keep in mind that it will usually increase the resale value of your home.

  • Create that added edge

    The slenderness of our worktops doesn’t stop you from giving them an extra edginess when required. They can be specially crafted so that they carry greater thickness than our traditional countertops which are amazingly thin.

  • Worktops have never been so light

    Most kitchen countertops are very weighty and it requires a decent amount of strength to install them. A Trend Transformations countertop is the complete opposite as it’s incredibly lightweight which helps us put it into position in no time at all.

    We can have your Trend Transformations worktop fitted within a day so that you’re not left waiting around.

  • Top performance is a certainty

    We have tried to make our work surfaces as strong as possible so that they demonstrate outstanding performance. Including a high grade polyester has proved pivotal in ensuring that the performance of the worktops never diminishes and they sustain their strength.  

    The high level of performance you get with a Trend Transformations worktop gives us the confidence needed to supply you with a lifetime warranty.